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One of the co-creators of the One Word, Go! Show. Mat maintains the website, edits each episode, and generally does his best to keep this wacky train on the rails. On the show, he has sung many songs (poorly), crafted some long-winded insults (poorly), attempted some extremely awful impressions (poorly), and may have even murdered Santa Claus (successfully).



The other co-creator of the One Word, Go! Show. Dan designs the apps, and helps plan out some of the extras and specials. His voice is depressing and his attitude is usually negative. He has been mistaken for “Jerry” (we don’t know who that is either) and was subsequently beaten up. Also, he sings like a dying baboon.




Andrew joined the cast in June of 2014. He’s definitely the Donatello of this wacky pack of Ninja Turtles. Andrew is informed and typically makes his point with facts (where the other hosts would typically bullshit their way out of a situation.) He’s been called “Google” on numerous occasions, and is also quite punny.




Where did this girl come from? Mélissa was first a voice in the background of the show as Andrew’s hang-around-while-we-record girlfriend, but claimed her spot as a host at the end of 2015! She’s a constant source of awkward personal stories (some involving Sharpie brand markers) and knows a surprising amount about chickens for a genie-pants-wearing gypsy-chick.






Ashleigh gets her nickname “Fish” from her last name “Fischer”. On the rare occasion Fish speaks up, she’s usually interrupted with jokes and comments, forcing her to bulldoze her stories through our nonsense. Fish left the show near the end of 2015, and we all miss her very much. We love you, Fish!




Breanne is very opinionated, and might be bipolar. She can switch from sassy to sincere in a moment’s notice. Often the source of insane stories, Breanne can easily one-up the craziest thing you’ve ever done. She was here in 2013 at the beginning, moved away in 2014, but moved back in 2015. She joins the rest of the gang whenever she can!



Mitch stepped up to help fill the void when Breanne moved away in 2014. He comes from a huge family with lots of siblings, so he’s got a plethora of stories he can whip out at any moment about that. Mitch isn’t one to hold a thought in his head for too long. If he’s thinking it, he’s probably about to say it. Thanks for filling in, Mitch!


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Mark Hansen is Dan’s cool, smooth-talking, suave twin. Or rather… He wasMark Hansen died on December 24, 2014 while protecting his friends from a Christmas disaster in North Pole, Alaska. We owe our lives to Mark Hansen, and he will forever be remembered as “one smooth son of a bitch.” Rest in peace, friend. Consider picking up a “What Would Mark Hansen Do?” t-shirt in remembrance.

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  1. Have a semi-decent microphone. Now look, don't go out and spend $100 on a microphone just to come on the show as a guest. That's crazy. Something as simple as your XBOX headset can do the trick. The important thing is that we can hear your sexy voice.

  2. Have a computer. If you're reading this on your iDevice, tablet, or other new-age wacky piece of technology, that's not good enough. You better have a computer at home. And yes, Grandma, you need "the internets".

  3. Get Skype, if you don't have it already. That way we can talk... Duh!

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  5. Let us know! Send an email to Mat at mat@onewordgoshow.com or a tweet to @MathTor on Twitter saying that you want to come on the show. Do not be shy. If you want to chat with us, tell us. It's the only way we'll ever know that.




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