Q: What is the One Word, Go! Show about?

A: The One Word, Go! Show is a Canadian comedy podcast that started in 2013. Every episode contains some combination of sketches and skits, personal stories, and games. The subject of each episode is decided by the listeners in the form of one-word topic suggestions (hence the name of the podcast).

Q: How can I submit a word?

A: The best way to submit a word is through the Submit page, but you can also tell us what word you’d like us to use next by calling in to the voicemail line at 1-844-OWG-SHOW (1-844-694-7469) or sending us a tweet to @onewordgo on Twitter.

Q: When are new episodes posted?

A: New full episodes are released every Sunday! “Extras” (short bonus episodes) can be posted any time throughout the week. The best way to know when a new episode has been posted is to subscribe!

Q: How can I subscribe to the podcast?

A: There are many ways to subscribe, but the best way is to use a “podcatcher” app. Apple devices have a built in podcatcher called Apple Podcasts. Android users can download one of the many apps that are out there, but we recommend Podcast Addict.

Q: Will my father ever come home?

A: Although your father said he was simply “leaving for a pack of cigarettes”, we’re not sure he’s ever coming back. Cigarettes don’t take very long to acquire, and he’s been gone far too long to suggest that’s all he’s up to.

Q: How can I contact the show?

A: There’s a contact page with an email form and links to all of our social media accounts on this very website.

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