Monthly Archives: May 2014

Episode 55: “Boardgames”

This week’s word is “boardgames”, sent to us by ajsturgess! Today on the show, Mat flips the board on his brother and grandma and doesn’t say “Sorry!”, Dan plays a 6 month long game of Monopoly and “doesn’t cheat” (sure…), Fish plays Candy Land for the first time ever while loving Life, and Mitch sleeps.… View full post

Extra: “So This Is Weird, Right?”

Remember back on Episode 53 when Mat, Dan, and Fish re-created their speech from the Yeggies? Thanks to @lincolnho, we now have the actual speech in all its glory! Huge thanks once again to @lincolnho for recording this. You can find his full video containing highlights and acceptance speeches to the 2013 Yeggies awards right… View full post

Episode 54: “Bathroom” with George Vosper!

This week’s word is “bathroom”, sent to us by George! Today on the show, Fish loves showers while Mat prefers the bedroom, Dan can’t get over his favourite TV show, Mitch gets caressed at a urinal, and George has never shaved his testicles. Next week’s word is ACTUALLY “boardgames”! Get your boardgame stories to us… View full post

T-Shirts Available For Pre-Order!

The long awaited One Word, Go! T-Shirts are finally available for pre-order! Here’s how it all works: You go to the One Word, Go! Shop, and you pay for your shirt. Now we know this sounds awful, but your shirt probably won’t show up until early July. Let us explain why. T-shirt printing ain’t cheap,… View full post

Episode 53: “Achievement”

This week’s word is “achievement”, sent to us by Computoguy! Today on the show, we win a Yeggie! Also, Mat makes an ass of himself on stage, Dan secretly drinks by himself in high school, Fish tweets about her giant member, and Mitch may or may not puke live on the show. Next week’s word… View full post

Extra: “Yeggies Supa Podcast!”

This is an episode of the Inglorious Hipsters podcast. From the original post: “It’s the Yeggies Inglorious Pub Success Go Show featuring Byran! We gathered nearly every Humour nominee from Edmonton’s New Media Awards into one room and let the tape roll. Josh from Success 5000, Mat from The One Word, Go! Show, Adam McGale from The Pub Radio and Ryan Byrne join Jeremy… View full post

Episode 52: “Regret”

This week’s word is “regret”, sent to us by Ahhskeetkid! Today on the show, Fish milks free rides, Mat chickens out of extracurricular activities, Dan throws a singular unique piece of nature at a bully, Mitch misses sports, and we all enjoy a couple of voicemails.  Let us know what you want us to call… View full post


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