Episode 176: “Mythology”

Today’s word is “Mythology”, sent to us by Alex!

This week, Mat tries to figure out the difference between myth and legend, Andrew goes through Zeus’ dating history, Mélissa explains the story of Persephone, and Dan quizzes us with myths about the human brain for some reason. Also, we read some emails, play some voicemails, and give you an update on Andrew’s health.

The song at the end of today’s episode is called Water by ADM!

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2 Responses to Episode 176: “Mythology”

  1. Check out the books “Mythos” and “Heroes” by Stephen Fry. He retells greek mythology really nicely in those books! For example: Aphrodite was born, when Kronos sliced off daddy Uranos’ dick and tossed it into the ocean. and from the frothy, bloody saltwater-semen mess emerged the goddess of love and beauty. Isn’t that wonderful?

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