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Spooky Story: “The Tale of the Great Circus Mystery”

The crew bands together and creates a story as one. Surely nothing good can come from this, right? Nothing except for the most terrifying clown laugh you’ve ever heard…

With this, the One Word, Go! Show’s 6th Annual Trick-or-Treatastic Halloweenathon has come to an end. Thank you all for a terrifying October! New regular episodes resume Sunday November 4th!

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Episode 40: “Clowns”


After two weeks of voting, today’s word is “clowns”, submitted by Computoguy! This week, melancholy Mat uses a Mickey Mouse laugh to soften the blow, dirty Dan becomes a measuring instrument for little people, flamboyant Fish gets beaten down about her hair color by the “One Word, Bro! Show”, and mischievous Mitch reveals his twitter name… Go follow @micrawfo now!

The song at the end of the show is called Entry of the Gladiators by Julius Fučík!


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