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Extra: “McAltercation”

Episode 105: “Retail” will be up in the next little while. Until then, here’s the soundcheck we recorded before the full episode. Mat talks about getting surrounded by several sixteen year-old kids at a McDonald’s drive-thru.

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Extra: “Punch a Dog in the Face” with Mat’s Mom!


Once a week during the month of March, we’ll be sharing some bonus clips with you. These are clips from either our sound-checks, or just bits that never made it into the main episodes for whatever reason. Today’s extra is from Episode 38‘s soundcheck, and is called “Punch a Dog in the Face”! *

*While the One Word, Go! Show believes that everything has the right to be joked about, animal cruelty is not something we condone. Also, even if it’s legal where you are, don’t have sex with animals. That’s disgusting.

Episode 33: “Rage” with George Vosper!


Today on the show, Mat is the Incredible Hulk, who Fish finds impossible to wake up in the morning, Dan beats his desk to a pulp, while George kicks a whole through his wall. Who is George? We have no idea either, but he’s filling in for Breanne!

The song at the end of the show is called I Just Rage Quit by TryHardNinja! Buy it!

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Send hate mail to Breanne at breanne@onewordgoshow.com!




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