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Episode 134: “Disease” with Meghan and Jason!

Today’s word is “Disease” sent to us by Sasha! On this week’s show, Mélissa can’t stop people from poppin’ on her, Mat can’t even read, six-year-old Andrew writes for Wishbone, Witch Doctor Jason amputates all your problems away, and Meghan tells us about a one-legged, bear-handed, eyepatch-wearing patient with nerves of steel and a head full… View full post

Episode 133: “Suspicious”

Today’s word is “Suspicious” sent to us by schoolsoutlaw! On today’s show, Mat talks about his insecurities again, Andrew has no worries about being dumped, Dan switches into Creep Mode™ while online dating, and Mélissa is only ever suspicious about hidden food. The song at the end of today’s show is Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley! —… View full post

Throwback – Episode 73: “Milk”

There was no episode posted on Thursday! Sorry! Mat’s been busy coordinating finally moving from his Mom’s house, so time has been tight. In the meantime, we thought we’d post a classic episode of the show from back in 2014. Enjoy! Episode 133: “Suspicious” will be up this Thursday, so look forward to it! From… View full post

Episode 132: “Unemployment”

Today’s word is “Unemployment” sent to us by Steaky! On today’s show, Andrew flip-flops in the unemployment line, Mat doesn’t wear his uniform, Dan’s parents get a phone call from McDonald’s, and Mélissa eats hamsters without ketchup. The song at the end of today’s show is Unemployed Again by Ethan Allen King! — Website –… View full post

Episode 131: “Cookies”

Today’s word is “Cookies” sent to us by Courtney! One this week’s show, Mat proves that an hour of sleep isn’t enough sleep to put out a good podcast, Dan combines chips, marshmallows, and hot dogs, Andrew motorboats a pile of Girl Guide cookies, and Mélissa learns that she should skip Skip The Dishes. The… View full post

Episode 130: “Law”

Today’s word is “Law” sent to us by George! On today’s show, we play another one of Mat’s poorly planned games, Mélissa is adamant about the value of pi, Andrew disagrees with mandatory natural selection prevention, and Dan manages to run into another “Jerry” problem. The song at the end of today’s show is Breaking the… View full post

Episode 129: “Tools”

Today’s word is “Tools” sent to us by Bryon! On today’s show, we explore Mat’s birthday shenanigans, Discuss Dan’s burning head, find out that Andrew is a screwdriver, and hear all about Mélissa’s toilet seat worries. The song at the end of today’s show is the theme song to Home Improvement! — Website – Onewordgoshow.com… View full post

Extra: “You As Well!”

On today’s extra, Mat sits down with his Mom, who talks about accidentally stealing two barbecue covers, City Hall’s inexplicably bare-footed Mayor, Donald Trump’s influence on her dog, how well she plays the parking game, getting a bouncer fired, and how her go-to response “you as well!” is received by others. To top things off,… View full post

Episode 128: “Moving”

Today’s word is “Moving” sent to us by Mat’s Mom! On today’s show, Mat is insecure about his height, Dan holds down a nearly airborne mattress, Andrew judges a Winnie the Pooh impression, and Mélissa pretends to be a television sexologist. The song at the end of today’s show is Billy Joel’s Movin’ Out! — Website… View full post

Episode 127: “Wizard”

Today’s word is “Wizard” sent to us by George! On today’s show, Mat creates bewitching names for a wizardous game, Dan justifies his love of Clippy the paperclip, Andrew rips fat clouds with Gandalf The Dank, and Mélissa pinches owls. We also enjoy some ridiculous voicemails along the way. The song at the end of today’s… View full post


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