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Special: “Guess That Horrifying Sound”

We try to guess spooky sounds from YouTube videos. Blame Mélissa for this monstrosity. Here are links to the videos we played: Halloween – Guess That Spooky Sound Guess What this Spooky Sound is… Guess the Mystery Sound no 2 — Website – Onewordgoshow.com Submit your word! – Onewordgoshow.com/submit Merchandise – Onewordgo.storenvy.com Voicemail Line – 1-844-OWG-SHOW //… View full post

Episode 140: “Night”

Today’s word is “Night” sent to us by Gavin! This week, Andrew gets caught sneaking around at night,  Dan buys a new condo with bitcoin, Mat reflects on the One Word, Go! Show’s history, and Mélissa realizes she’s the cool one in the group. The song at the end of today’s show is called Walking… View full post

Special: “The Tale of the Halloween Night”

Every year, we rip off Are You Afraid of the Dark? by scouring the web for spooky stories and presenting them to each other in an attempt to be accepted into the coveted Midnight Society. This time, Mat reads a tale about a murderous clown-man with a missing dog. All October long, we’re posting spooky Halloween… View full post

Episode 139: “Spiders”

Today’s word is “Spiders” sent to us by Adam! This week, Mat compares spiders to tomatoes in an attempt to explain his disdain, Andrew gets up close and personal with an orange ball from hell, Mélissa fights hand-to-hand-to-hand-to-hand-to-hand-to-hand-to-hand-to-hand against the king of all spiders, and Dan certainly isn’t a robot. The song at the end… View full post

Update: “2017 Halloweenathon”

The One Word, Go! Show’s 5th Annual Trick-or-Treatastic Halloweenathon begins October 7th! Expect a full month of spooky episodes and horrifying extras! Make sure you subscribe on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcatcher so you don’t miss a thing! — Website – Onewordgoshow.com Submit your word! – Onewordgoshow.com/submit Merchandise – Onewordgo.storenvy.com Voicemail Line – 1-844-OWG-SHOW // (1-844-694-7469)… View full post

Episode 138: “Scars”

Today’s word is “Scars” sent to us by Mat’s Mom! On this week’s show, Mat white-washes music and attempts to name all of Casper the Friendly Ghost’s uncles, Mélissa is haunted by ketchup and explains the importance of eyebrow maintenance, Andrew jabs himself in the face with a screwdriver and laments about his hairline, and… View full post

Episode 137: “Roadtrip” with Meghan!

Today’s word is “Roadtrip” sent to us by ashleyyb! On this week’s sexy episode of the podcast, Mat complains about Sean Paul’s terrible music, Andrew follows up on the case of the downtown needle-hobo, Mélissa endorses driving nude with a handful of snacks, Meghan sleeps through biology and misses the lesson about thunder, and Dan… View full post

Episode 136: “Homeless” with Gus Johnson!

Today’s word is “Homeless” sent to us by Geojamster! On today’s show, we’re joined by YouTube’s zinc-faced Gus Johnson, who tells us about the time he faked being deaf on karaoke night. Also, Mat turns down potentially free drugs, Andrew gets solicited by a prostitute while on duty, Mélissa snaps at hobos, and Dan has… View full post

Episode 135: “Feud”

Today’s word is “Feud” sent to us by Steaky! On today’s show, we feud over the definition of “clearly garbage”, give an exceptionally poor review of Deluxe Burger Bar in St. Albert, attempt to speak “Shakespearean”, and continue the beef started by Adam and Bryon from Everyone Has A Podcast… via rap. The song at… View full post

Episode 134: “Disease” with Meghan and Jason!

Today’s word is “Disease” sent to us by Sasha! On this week’s show, Mélissa can’t stop people from poppin’ on her, Mat can’t even read, six-year-old Andrew writes for Wishbone, Witch Doctor Jason amputates all your problems away, and Meghan tells us about a one-legged, bear-handed, eyepatch-wearing patient with nerves of steel and a head full… View full post


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