This week’s word is “superpowers”, sent to us by Bradley (Yogro)!

It’s been exactly two years since Episode 3: “Superpowers” was originally posted back on April 24th of 2013! To celebrate, we revisit the word “superpowers” by discussing our very own superhero alter-egos. Mat is Time Sham, a tricky hero who stops crime by stopping time. Fish is soaking wet and soaring through the sky as The Flying Fish. Dan shoots miraculous icicles from his frozen rock-hard super-nipples as Frost Lass. Andrew is Count Volt, an electrical powerhouse who may be more foe than friend. Breanne, while no longer on the show, still warms our hearts as the Cinder Mistress. Together, we are… The Go-Hosts!

Be sure to check out the amazing artwork for this episode below, created by Mat’s brother Jason Torchia!

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The song at the end of today’s show is If Super Powers Could Be Ours by Doug Horley!

Click below to see the full version of the amazing artwork for today’s episode!
superpowers2Created by Jason Torchia

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