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Extra: “Retrospective Stupidity” (Part 2)

Let’s take another look back at some of the ridiculous skits, intros, and other produced bits that have appeared on the show over the past several years.

This time, we find a human and a vampire in an Odd Couple situation, sing about a bearded man, bet on the wrong horse, anticipate cease and desist letters, buy boxes, witness the murder of anthropomorphic nails, contract Dog-Foot, pick on Guy Fieri, become shills, and more!

If you enjoyed this, you can find Part 1 here! If you didn’t enjoy this, you can go here!

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[April Fools!] Episode 148: “Soap”


Of course this was just an April Fools goof! Although I wouldn’t put it past us to post an episode with nothing but songs for children about bathing any other day of the year, this was indeed just a classic case of One Word, Go! shenanigans.

The crazy part? It was strangely easy to find all these songs on YouTube. Why are there so many YouTube videos featuring songs for children about bathing? I mean, based on all the comments on these videos, it’s clear there’s an overwhelming amount of parents out there that are able to use these videos to get their kids to bathe, but does the animation and/or acting always have to be so nightmare-inducing? Don’t believe me? Here are the sources for the videos we used (in the order we used them):

Bath Song w NEW Kids Video and More Nursery Rhymes
by Baby Kids Songs TV

Bath Song | If You’re Healthy and You know It | Bath Time Song | Brushing Teeth Song
by FUNTASTIC TV – Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes

Bath Song – ABCkidTV by ABCkidTV
by Nursery Rhymes

Bath Song | FlickBox Nursery Rhymes for Babies | Children Rhymes English
by FlickBox Studios – Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

Bath Song for Kids | Play & Bath | 3D Animation Rhymes & Songs for Children
by BillionSurpriseToys Songs – Kids Nursery Rhymes

Coconut Soap
by Frank Leto

Im Clean (the bath song)
by joysing45

Scrub-a-Dub-Dub | Fun Bath Song | Mother Goose Club Songs for Children
by Mother Goose Club

The Bath Song ♫ Plim Plim ♫ Kids Songs Nursery Rhymes
by Plim Plim – A Heart’s Hero

Sesame Street: Ernie and his Rubber Duckie
by Sesame Street

I bolded what is undeniably the creepiest one in the list, and arguably the most horrifying video on YouTube ever. Thanks for another ridiculous April Fools! Oh, and Happy Easter!

Today’s word is “Soap” sent to us by Ian N!

On today’s show, Dan gets his mouth washed out with soap and Tabasco sauce, Mat’s dumb tongue and gag reflex stops him from doing the one thing he may actually be good at, Mélissa doesn’t wash her genitals, and Andrew is built for books.

The real Episode 148: “Soap” can be found here.

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[April Fools!] Episode 84: “Karaoke”


Within the first 30 seconds of this “episode”, I’m sure you could tell we were playing a trick on you. Listening to Dan sing is one of the most painful things in the world, so we decided to have some fun with you guys. How far did you make it? Say what you’d like, but I think he nailed The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) by Ylvis.

This week’s word is “karaoke”, sent to us by Loki!

On today’s show, Daniel is a firework, Mat’s sex is on fire, Andrew hates everything about you, and Fish won’t stop believin’.

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