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Episode 121: “Censorship”

Today’s word is “censorship” sent to us by Geojamster!

This week, Mélissa steals the show as we get an inside look into her strange, twisted, cold way of thinking about the deceased. Also, Mat talks about his Mom’s friend’s genitals, Andrew forgets the name of a sci-fi movie featuring Tim Allen, and Dan “Suzannes” up a storm.

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Episode 60: “Irrelevant”


This week’s word is “irrelevant”, sent to us by Jordan! Today on the show, nothing has to do with anything! Mat does terrible impressions including a skit between Ernie, Bert, and Mickey Mouse, Dan requests a frowny-face during a camping trip, Fish gets warned about her potential stalker, and Andrew slams his face into a wall and breaks his sunglasses.

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The song at the end of today’s show is from Donkey Kong 64!

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Episode 12: “Muppets”


This episode of the One Word, Go! Show is brought to you by the letter F. Today, Dan has sex with cereal, Mat attempts to speak in horribly racist accents, Breanne has the blues over Blue’s Clues, and Fish’s mic is totally screwed up. Sorry about that.



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