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Special: “Twinkle Claus and the Christmas Factory”

This is the thrilling conclusion to The New Claus and Chilled to the Brim! Please listen to those Christmas specials first in order to keep up with the story!

Mat, Dan, Andrew and Mélissa return to North Pole, Alaska, on a whirlwind expedition of Twinkle Claus’ wondrous new Christmas Factory. Inside, an incredible adventure awaits! This year, the One Word, Go! Show team is armed with a plan to expose Twinkle Claus’ shady history to the world, a plethora of outrageous music (whether you asked for it or not), and jokes a-plenty!

We look forward to tons of new One Word, Go! content in 2017!

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in making Twinkle Claus and the Christmas Factory possible:
Mat Torchia
– Writer, “Mat”, “Twinklie Winklies”
Jason Torchia
– Writer, “Twinklenose”
Dan Loree
– “Dan”
Andrew Sturgess
– “Andrew”
Mélissa C.
– “Mélissa”
Meghan T.
– Writer, “Airplane Voice”
Kristian T.
– “Children”
Shelley T.
– “Mom”
Nick from Epic Film Guys
– Concerned Plane Man
Adam from Everyone Has a Podcast
– Airport Employee
A special shout-out to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, of which we blatantly parody throughout the entire show.
If I forgot to name you, I am sincerely sorry!
Let me know, so I can correct that ASAP.

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Episode 104: “Wish”

Sorry for the late episode – Mat’s computer exploded!

Today’s word is “Wish” sent to us by Princess Jasmine!

On today’s show, Andrew gets three wishes to use as he sees fit, Dan tries to defend Walt Disney by comparing him to Hitler, Mélissa wants all the food with none of the effort, and Mat tries to find a loophole in Genie’s 3 rules.

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The song at the end of today’s show is called When You Wish Upon A Star by Cliff Edwardsand our overlords the Wonderful World of Disney! (Please don’t sue us, Walt.)

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Episode 30: “Piracy”


Today on the show, Mat sings a song he’s never heard, Breanne makes it just in time to watch a bird explode, Dan has no shame in participating in illegal activities, and Fish is a pirate, yar har fiddle di dee. Also, we mourn the death of MSN Messenger and watch Raiders of the Lost Ark.




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