Monthly Archives: April 2014

Episode 51: “Tattoos”

This week’s word is “tattoos”, sent to us by Ashleyyb! Today on the show, Dan holds a grudge over an incomplete “lizard-iguana-thingy”, Mat gets his relationship’s “song” validated, Mitch proves he isn’t a florist, Fish forgets-them-not with her foot, and we all enjoy a voicemail about lighting a house on fire, courtesy of George. Feel… View full post

Extra: “What’s the Medical Term for …?”

We’re taking a week off following the 50th episode to relaaaaax. Here’s an extra to fill the void! This is the sound-check from Episode 37: “Truth”, and is called “What’s the Medical Term for Lady-Cum?” Needless to say, this one is definitely NSFW! If you haven’t listened to Episode 50: “Cats” yet, do that now! — Submit your… View full post

Episode 50: “Cats” with Breanne!

Today is not only the 50th episode, but also the One Word, Go! Show’s first birthday! We had to do something special to mark the occasion, so we picked the most popular word we’ve ever received. That’s right… Today’s word is “cats”! We’ve received this one word topic suggestion at least 20 times now! Well,… View full post

Episode 49: “Fire” with Mat’s Mom!

Today’s word is “fire” submitted by Ian N! On this episode, Mat, Dan, and Shelley discuss setting bathtubs ablaze, leaving poop on Granny’s pillow, being in a coma for four months, firing worthless employees, and the importance of fire safety. Note: Dan does not actually abuse animals. He was 7 years old and dumb. The… View full post

Fan Mail

Today I received a package in the mail from a fan of the show! I don’t know if he wants his name listed or not, so for now I’ll keep hush-hush about it. Here’s the package in question. Who knows what’s inside!? Upon tearing into it, I’m greeted by four packs of holiday stickers! Smiling… View full post

Episode 48: “Awkward”

Today’s word is “awkward” submitted by Steaky! On this episode, Mat reveals that his That’s So Raven dream was not made up, Dan raps about getting tampons for his mother, Mitch talks about his wet dream experience, and Fish does not get acquainted with a Mexican. Leave a comment below (or call into the voicemail line… View full post

[April Fools!] Episode 48: “Song”

Edit: April fools! This obviously was just a lame gag. There will be a real “Episode 48” posted on Thursday April 3, 2014. How many of you made it through this entire monstrosity? — Today’s word is “song” submitted by Loki! On this episode, Fish befriends a tire in the desert and has sweet dreams… View full post


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