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Special: “This is Mad Libs” (song only)

This is a project Mat has had on the go for the last year, off and on. You’ll only find the song here. If you want to hear the gang pick silly adjectives, verbs, and nouns, you can listen to the full thing here. Thanks so much for another spooky Halloweenathon! Stay tuned for a… View full post

Special: “This is Mad Libs”

This is a project Mat has had on the go for the last year, off and on. Today, the gang picks silly adjectives, verbs, and nouns, then jams them into a classic Halloween song. If you don’t want to sit through all the word-picking, here’s where you can listen to the full song without all… View full post

Episode 142: “Horror”

Today’s word is “Horror” sent to us by Bob! This week, Dan dies in a horrible circus accident, Mat gives a brief history lesson on the Friday the 13th movies, Andrew confuses 127 Hours with 28 Days Later, and Mélissa’s parents forbid her from gettin’ spooked. The song at the end of today’s show is the Goosebumps theme… View full post

Special: “2 neewollaH”

A couple years ago, we tried to sound out Halloween themed words backwards, reversed the audio, and saw how close we could get to having everything sound correct. Because we’re clearly running out of ideas, we’re back at it again! This year’s theme? Horror movie icons! All October long, we’re posting spooky Halloween specials and… View full post

Episode 137: “Roadtrip” with Meghan!

Today’s word is “Roadtrip” sent to us by ashleyyb! On this week’s sexy episode of the podcast, Mat complains about Sean Paul’s terrible music, Andrew follows up on the case of the downtown needle-hobo, Mélissa endorses driving nude with a handful of snacks, Meghan sleeps through biology and misses the lesson about thunder, and Dan… View full post

Extra: “Retrospective Stupidity” (Part 1)

Let’s take a look back at some of the ridiculous skits, intros, and moments that have happened on the show over the past several years. This time, we blast off into outer space, combine naughty words and ghosts, shout out some of our favorite sponsors, break up, get drunk, lose socks, find socks, move on,… View full post

Episode 136: “Homeless” with Gus Johnson!

Today’s word is “Homeless” sent to us by Geojamster! On today’s show, we’re joined by YouTube’s zinc-faced Gus Johnson, who tells us about the time he faked being deaf on karaoke night. Also, Mat turns down potentially free drugs, Andrew gets solicited by a prostitute while on duty, Mélissa snaps at hobos, and Dan has… View full post

Episode 133: “Suspicious”

Today’s word is “Suspicious” sent to us by schoolsoutlaw! On today’s show, Mat talks about his insecurities again, Andrew has no worries about being dumped, Dan switches into Creep Mode™ while online dating, and Mélissa is only ever suspicious about hidden food. The song at the end of today’s show is Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley! —… View full post

Episode 131: “Cookies”

Today’s word is “Cookies” sent to us by Courtney! One this week’s show, Mat proves that an hour of sleep isn’t enough sleep to put out a good podcast, Dan combines chips, marshmallows, and hot dogs, Andrew motorboats a pile of Girl Guide cookies, and Mélissa learns that she should skip Skip The Dishes. The… View full post

Episode 129: “Tools”

Today’s word is “Tools” sent to us by Bryon! On today’s show, we explore Mat’s birthday shenanigans, Discuss Dan’s burning head, find out that Andrew is a screwdriver, and hear all about Mélissa’s toilet seat worries. The song at the end of today’s show is the theme song to Home Improvement! — Website – Onewordgoshow.com… View full post


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