On last week’s episode of the One Word, Go! Show, we mentioned Breanne has a stuffed animal named Steve. We described Steve to you as a pink poodle with eye shadow. One of our listeners, Computoguy, just had to know more. He tweeted us @OneWordGo and asked us if we could get Breanne to take a picture of Steve for you.

Unfortunately, Breanne has misplaced Steve. We recorded a short phone call she made to her Mom, to see if Steve was left behind in Breanne’s old room. Here is that call.

Luckily, we have dug up what may be the only photo of Steve in existence. Sure, you can only see half his face, but you can also see 16 year old Mat and Breanne, so there’s that.

If you have any information regarding Steve’s disappearance, or know his whereabouts, please contact 206-337-5302.