On Episode 70 of The One Word, Go! Show Dan told an interesting story:

He was working peacefully, minding his own business, when a man abruptly entered the store and began demanding to have him fax napkins. Unable to help the man because first, Dan doesn’t have a fax machine, and second, you can’t fax napkins, the man got upset, threw his wallet and ID on the counter, and demanded to see “Jerry” because he “took his kids”. Dan doesn’t know anyone named Jerry, and explained just that. The man, still crazy, fled the store.

He spent the next ten minutes in the parking lot, screaming at passing vehicles, before finally entering the store again. That’s when he peered into Dan’s eyes, and announced, “YOU’RE JERRY!” (What a twist!) (Dan isn’t actually Jerry.)

The insane man then approached Dan and slammed the computer monitor down on the counter. Before Dan could even react, the man lunged at him, sucker punching him right in the kisser. Dan, adrenaline pumping, grabbed the flailing lunatic and pinned him to the ground. That’s where this video picks up.

To those worried, Dan is OK. He went to the doctor and came out with nothing but a black eye and a fat lip. To find out more, listen to Episode 70: “Treasure”.