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[Real] Episode 123: “Money”

Here’s the real Episode 123: “Money”, which we had spliced a bunch of fake advertisements in the middle of for April Fools. Hope we got a couple laughs! Today’s word is “money” sent to us by Ian N! This week, Andrew hates the price of Lego, Dan has an obsession with cellphones, Mat wishes he was… View full post

Extra: “Said No One Ever”

One Word, Go!’s 2016 camping trip has finally come to an end. Listen to our misadventures including Andrew sniffing glue, Dan burning half his body, Mat getting stepped on by firework-videographers, and Mélissa kicking children off of bikes. New full episodes of the show resume next week! — Submit your word! – Merchandise – Voicemail… View full post

Episode 107: “Pickle”

Today’s word is “Pickle” sent to us by Kenneth Chase! On this week’s episode, Dan attempts to host the show (and it’s a terrible trainwreck), Andrew proves his knowledge of ’90s cartoon intros, Mat explains his aversion to grape flavored beverages, and Mélissa loves starch. Next week’s word is “bus”! Get your stories to us by leaving… View full post

Episode 106: “Eyebrows”

Today’s word is “Eyebrows” sent to us by Meghan! On today’s show, Mat finds a grey hair in an unexpected place, Mélissa is plagued by an invisible beard, Andrew hides his receding hairline by growing the rest out, and Dan’s been shamefully shaving his uni-brow for years. We also debate how common it is to… View full post

Episode 105: “Retail”

Today’s word is “Retail” sent to us by Morgan! On today’s show, Mat gets sexually assaulted by a child at Walmart, Dan preemptively calls an ambulance for the guy who’s ass he’s going to kick, Mélissa gets assaulted by a pen, and Andrew talks about the time his brother said “no” to a burglar. Huge… View full post

Extra: “McAltercation”

Episode 105: “Retail” will be up in the next little while. Until then, here’s the soundcheck we recorded before the full episode. Mat talks about getting surrounded by several sixteen year-old kids at a McDonald’s drive-thru. — Submit your word! – Merchandise – Voicemail Line – 1-844-OWG-SHOW // (1-844-694-7469) Twitter – Facebook – View full post

Episode 104: “Wish”

Sorry for the late episode – Mat’s computer exploded! Today’s word is “Wish” sent to us by Princess Jasmine! On today’s show, Andrew gets three wishes to use as he sees fit, Dan tries to defend Walt Disney by comparing him to Hitler, Mélissa wants all the food with none of the effort, and Mat… View full post

Episode 103: “Vandalism”

On today’s show, Andrew has a fabulous ass and majestic lady-hair, Mélissa provides us with a plethora of chicken facts, Dan learns to not be friends with Mat, who lets people take the rap for his own vandalism-related crimes. Next week’s word is “wish”! Get your stories to us by leaving a comment below, calling in… View full post

Episode 102: “Malfunction”

On today’s show, Mat raps about Chewbacca and Han Solo, Dan accidentally sends explicit messages to the wrong person, Andrew gets upset over the loss of his expensive cookies, and Mélissa buys Andrew a Kander Surprise™ filled with a less than appealing Grout figurine. Next week’s word is “vandalism”! Get your questions to us by… View full post

[Real] Episode 101: “Parking”

Last week we teased you with our April Fools episode. We apologize for that. On today’s show, Andrew gets booted and pays for freedom, Mat has no idea how to do most things including shaving and using shower curtains, Dan craves a delicious bacon melt (seriously, how good would a bacon melt be right now?)… View full post


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