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Episode 143: “Paraplegic”

Today’s word is “Paraplegic” sent to us by Gus Johnson! This week, Mat uses an unorthodox method to get out of a sticky situation, Andrew stands up for wheelchair puns, Dan gets complimented by multiple voicemail callers, and Mélissa teaches us how to use tampons. The song at the end of today’s show is Jack’s… View full post

Special: “This is Mad Libs” (song only)

This is a project Mat has had on the go for the last year, off and on. You’ll only find the song here. If you want to hear the gang pick silly adjectives, verbs, and nouns, you can listen to the full thing here. Thanks so much for another spooky Halloweenathon! Stay tuned for a… View full post

Special: “This is Mad Libs”

This is a project Mat has had on the go for the last year, off and on. Today, the gang picks silly adjectives, verbs, and nouns, then jams them into a classic Halloween song. If you don’t want to sit through all the word-picking, here’s where you can listen to the full song without all… View full post

Episode 134: “Disease” with Meghan and Jason!

Today’s word is “Disease” sent to us by Sasha! On this week’s show, Mélissa can’t stop people from poppin’ on her, Mat can’t even read, six-year-old Andrew writes for Wishbone, Witch Doctor Jason amputates all your problems away, and Meghan tells us about a one-legged, bear-handed, eyepatch-wearing patient with nerves of steel and a head full… View full post

Episode 124: “Disney”

Today’s word is “Disney” sent to us by Quigs! On today’s show, Mélissa promotes her new musky perfume, Andrew gets pooped on by a magical Disney bird, Dan gets too excited about travel plans, and Mat has a horribly crippling gambling addiction. Sorry about the audio quality! I’m still working out the kinks in the… View full post

Episode 119: “Hero”

Today’s word is “hero” sent to us by Computoguy! This week, Dan idolizes Neil Patrick Harris and abandons a slap-bet, Andrew karate chops his way into the hearts of children and defends the act of self-pleasure (not at the same time though, that’s gross), Mat makes a terrible deal while finally finding out what a hero… View full post

Episode 110: “Etiquette”

Today’s word is “Etiquette” sent to us by Gian! On today’s show, Dan deals with some new life changes, Mat has becomes the hero to two drunk hooligans, Mélissa is betrayed by man’s best friend, and Andrew never uses a knife in his right hand. Next week’s word is “escape”! Get your stories to us by leaving… View full post

Episode 91: “Phobia”

This week’s word is “Phobia”, sent to us by Jayla! On today’s show, Fish’s grandmother is afraid of being “thyunda-struck!”, Dan stays away from glass floors and high places, Andrew would like the bees to buzz off, and Mat is planning to talk to Shaq about his ant problem. Mat’s voice has some crazy bass… View full post

Episode 82: “Starbucks”

This week’s word is “starbucks”, sent to us by Steaky! On today’s show, Fish talks about the laziest coffee theif, Andrew cries over spilled spoiled milk, Dan gives advice on how to get free food, and Mat threatens to kill himself over ridiculous drink combinations. We also discuss babies buying records, buying a billboard, and… View full post

Episode 81: “Boredom”

This week’s word is “boredom”, sent to us by GeoJamster! On today’s show, Mat discovers a conspiracy in our local school system, Dan causes a car accident with nothing but his eyes (no hands!), Andrew creates games on his calculator like a nerd, and Fish hears a blood-curdling scream late at night. Also, we pause the… View full post


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