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Throwback – Special: “The New Claus”

Christmas is fast approaching, and you know what that means: A new One Word, Go! Christmas Special! Just in case you forgot the epic adventure the One Word, Go! crew went on last year, we thought we’d repost 2014’s Special called The New Claus.

Without spoiling anything, we can tell you that an infamous character that was introduced in The New Claus appears in the 2015 Special. If you’ve yet to listen, we highly suggest you do.

Talk to you soon!

From the original post:

Posted on December

Merry Christmas from all of us at OWG!

In this year’s Christmas Special, events from last year’s Twelve Words of Xmas have come back to haunt the One Word, Go! Show crew! Mat, Dan, Fish, and Andrew venture outside Mat’s living room and into North Pole, Alaska, where an old friend is being held hostage by Twinklenose, an elf with a height complex and a gun.

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in making this Christmas special possible:
Jason Torchia
– Writer, “Twinklenose”,  “Airplane-Jail Guard”
Mat Torchia
– Writer, “Mat”, “Santa Claus”
Dan Loree
– “Dan”, “Mark Hansen”
Ashleigh “Fish” Fischer
– “Fish”, “Sleigh Elf”, “Alarm Elf”
Andrew Sturgess
– “Andrew”
Darren DeansFiverr
– “Narrator”
– “Breanne”
Mitchell C.
– “Mitch”
George VosperThe Boxfort
– “George
– “Granny”
Fes WorksThe Webcast Beacon Network
– “Fes”
James Chappers – YouTube
– “James”
Ian N. – YouTube
– “Ian”
BrianPop Culture Leftovers
– “Denny’s Waiter”
If I forgot to name you, I am sincerely sorry!
Let me know, so I can correct that ASAP.

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12 Words of Xmas #12: “Santa”


For the twelve days leading up to Christmas, Mat and Dan celebrated the 12 Words of Christmas! Today, Mat and Dan finally get to speak face-to-face with the jolly red guy, and find out that Mat may have been right all along about the type of person Santa really is.

(“Santa” was submitted by Ian N, by the way. We didn’t have a chance to mention that amidst all the commotion.)


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