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Update: “2017 Halloweenathon”

The One Word, Go! Show’s 5th Annual Trick-or-Treatastic Halloweenathon begins October 7th! Expect a full month of spooky episodes and horrifying extras! Make sure you subscribe on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcatcher so you don’t miss a thing! — Website – Submit your word! – Merchandise – Voicemail Line – 1-844-OWG-SHOW // (1-844-694-7469)… View full post

Update: “In The Loop”

Super quick update for you guys about where the show’s at. You can listen below, but here’s the gist of it: New content next week! Subscribe in iTunes so you don’t miss a thing, and click the links below for other awesome stuff! — Submit your word! – Merchandise – Voicemail Line – 1-844-OWG-SHOW //… View full post

Video: “Jerry Security Cam Footage”

Back in October of 2014, we posted a video called “You’re Going To Hell, Jerry” which was handheld footage of a fight between Dan and a random man who entered his place of work. We finally got a hold of the security camera footage of this fight, and thought we’d share it with you. Here’s the… View full post

Happy Birthday to our Community Mom!

♫ Happy birthday, dear Sheila Shelley! ♫ It’s Mat’s Mom’s birthday! You may not know this, but Shelley is an integral part of The One Word, Go! Show. She has helped Dan, Fish, Andrew, and especially Mat out of so many jams in the past that, without her, we probably wouldn’t be here today. The love, support,… View full post

Video: “You’re Going to Hell, Jerry!”

On Episode 70 of The One Word, Go! Show Dan told an interesting story: He was working peacefully, minding his own business, when a man abruptly entered the store and began demanding to have him fax napkins. Unable to help the man because first, Dan doesn’t have a fax machine, and second, you can’t fax napkins,… View full post

Creepy Yodeler on A&E’s Storage Wars

Last night, Mat and Fish were enjoying their evening, snuggled up on the couch and flipping through the TV channels, when they landed on A&E’s Storage Wars. That’s when a familiar feeling of horror came rushing back to the two podcast hosts. Do you remember back on the One Word, Go! Show’s Episode 23: “Fear”, when… View full post

T-Shirts Available For Pre-Order!

The long awaited One Word, Go! T-Shirts are finally available for pre-order! Here’s how it all works: You go to the One Word, Go! Shop, and you pay for your shirt. Now we know this sounds awful, but your shirt probably won’t show up until early July. Let us explain why. T-shirt printing ain’t cheap,… View full post

Fan Mail

Today I received a package in the mail from a fan of the show! I don’t know if he wants his name listed or not, so for now I’ll keep hush-hush about it. Here’s the package in question. Who knows what’s inside!? Upon tearing into it, I’m greeted by four packs of holiday stickers! Smiling… View full post


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