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Throwback – Episode 73: “Milk”

There was no episode posted on Thursday! Sorry! Mat’s been busy coordinating finally moving from his Mom’s house, so time has been tight. In the meantime, we thought we’d post a classic episode of the show from back in 2014. Enjoy! Episode 133: “Suspicious” will be up this Thursday, so look forward to it! From… View full post

Episode 100: “Unicorn”

On today’s show, we blow smoke up our own asses as we celebrate hitting our 100th episode! While today’s word, “unicorn”, takes back-seat to a game of “Who Said That?”, we have fun reminiscing over past clips from the show including our favourite ridiculous quotes from Mat, Dan, Andrew, Mélissa, Fish, Breanne, and Mitch, as well… View full post

Throwback – Special: “The New Claus”

Christmas is fast approaching, and you know what that means: A new One Word, Go! Christmas Special! Just in case you forgot the epic adventure the One Word, Go! crew went on last year, we thought we’d repost 2014’s Special called The New Claus. Without spoiling anything, we can tell you that an infamous character… View full post

Throwback – Episode 63: “Cellphones” with Granny and Mat’s Mom!

On Saturday, November 28th, 2015, Dorothy “Granny” Provost passed away. To honour this amazing woman, we thought we’d share with you a classic episode of the One Word, Go! Show that was originally posted on August 5th, 2014, featuring Granny herself. Rest in peace, Granny. We love you. From the original post: Posted on August… View full post

Episode 95: “Ask The Idiots” (Part 1) with Jason!

Holy shitpigeon it’s been awhile! There is a lot happening behind the scenes at One Word, Go! This episode was recorded last month in August, but the editing process was held up due to some unforeseen circumstances – don’t worry. Mat will inevitably be talking (bitching, complaining, whining) about what’s been going on in an… View full post

Episode 93: “Hangover”

This week’s word is “Hangover”, sent to us by Jmac! On today’s show, Breanne gives her top hangover tips, Fish takes a bath in mustard, Dan’s genitals look like a majestic eagle, Mat listens to bar patrons sing intentional karaoke, and Andrew has a tattoo of one of the other hosts that stretches from his… View full post

Episode 92: “Karma” with Breanne!

This week’s word is “Karma”, sent to us by Justin! On today’s show, Breanne returns from BC after failing on her dreams, and tells us about the time she saved a child from the dreaded Pembina river, Fish believes in ghosts but not karma, Old Man Andrew talks about the good old days when jokes lacked… View full post

Episode 91: “Phobia”

This week’s word is “Phobia”, sent to us by Jayla! On today’s show, Fish’s grandmother is afraid of being “thyunda-struck!”, Dan stays away from glass floors and high places, Andrew would like the bees to buzz off, and Mat is planning to talk to Shaq about his ant problem. Mat’s voice has some crazy bass… View full post

Extra: “Perfect Beer-Drinking Temperature”

Today’s extra is more like a bonus episode. We discuss our wacky camping trip, where Mat got hit in the junk with a Frisbee, Dan annoyed everyone with his 200 lumens, Andrew couldn’t sleep due to an incredibly intoxicated Mélissa, who was more concerned about “perfect beer-drinking temperature” and alcoholic gummy bears than she was Fish,… View full post

Episode 90: “Toys”

This week’s word is “Toys”, sent to us by Steaky! Sorry for the poor audio levels this episode. We were playing with new equipment, and things got a little mixed up. Will be fixed for next week. On today’s show, Mat carries around a limp dog with lady genitals, Mélissa sticks mystery object in a… View full post


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